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            來源:智課教育 時間:2019-08-05 15:44:38



              1.Are girls generally good at mathematics?

              I do not think so. From my experience interacting with girls, I believe that compared to boys, girls tend to perform better in arts subjects, such as languages, social sciences and so on. However, they usually perform worse in mathematics and science subjects.

              2.Do you often use a calculator?

              Well, I'd like to use a calculator. You know, I am not a student of primary school or middle school any more. And I often come up with complex computation like cubic root computation. Impossible to calculate by myself! So I use it!

              3.Do you think it is difficult to learn mathematics well?

              Definitely yes. Despite that I am a boy and I have always been expected to master mathematics well, I am quite bad at it and have to spend way more hours learning it and doing exercise. So I do believe it is difficult to learn, especially if you want to learn it very well.

              4.Do you think mathematics is important?

              Yes, for sure. Although for some people, myself included, learning mathematics is difficult and challenging, it is very important since the modern world is built on it. As you can see, mathematics is used in economics, scientific experiments and so on, which serves as the foundation of our civilization.


              1.Do you read books related to your profession?

              Yes, I do. Reading books related to my profession is the only way to get the information I need when I’m studying major-related courses. Also, reading these books is an indispensable way to understand the meaning of proper noun. Do you read electronic books?

              2.What kind of books do you read?

              As a student who is majoring in economics, I prefer to read books that can broaden my horizons, especially those interdisciplinary-study books, which can bring my knowledge to the next level and make me further understand my major.

              3.Do you like reading?

              Of course I do, because I always believe that books are the ladder of human progress, especially for young students. Reading is crucial for teenager, because the characters described in the books can be models for the young readers. What’s more, Reading makes human wise and full of knowledge.


              1.What is the hardest part about making plans?

              Well, I think the hardest part about making plans is that when you make plans, you have to think in advance about the what to do and when to do, and that is very challenging. For instance, when I made plans for my exams, I have to decide which chapters are the most important and settle on the date to review them.

              2.What is the latest plan you made?

              The latest plan I have made is about my upcoming graduation journey, I have planned to traveled to Russia after my graduation. I plan to go to Moscow and some other cities for around two weeks, where I will meet my friends.

              3.Do you make plans every day?

              No, I do not make plans every day. However, I do make plans every week, and every month. For example, when I was preparing for my exams last semester, I made weekly and monthly plans to help me schedule my timetable.

              4.Are you good at managing your time?

              Well, I would like to admit that although I do make plans, I am not good at managing my time. Sometimes I also wonder whether or not it is because I made too many plans and was lost in countless plans which made me unable to manage my time properly.


              1.How do you feel when people don’t return things they borrowed from you?

              I will be quite annoyed if people don’t return my belongings after borrowing it from me. The main reason event I think they are not honest and cannot keep their promises. Also I think I will be very disappointed because I only borrowed things to people when I trust them.

              2.Do you like to lend things to others?

              Well, I do not mind lending things to people but I do not like that. Because from my understanding I think it is people’s responsibility to buy their own things and should not always borrow things from others. And it is very annoying when I cannot get my things back after I borrowed them to others. 3.Have you ever borrowed money from others?

              Well, I have borrowed money from others before. For example, last summer holiday I borrowed 500 grands from my father to buy a pair of shoes, but I returned them soon after I got my salary from my internship. Frankly speaking, I do not borrow money quite often.

              4.Have you ever borrowed books from others?

              Yes, I have borrowed books from others before. From my memory I had borrowed some books about science and technology from one of my friends because I was very interested in that subject but do not have any related books. I think it is a good way to learn from each other by lending and borrowing books, and it is also very convenient.








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            雅思口語Part 2話題解析:通過互聯網解決問題

            雅思口語考試環節是一個輸出的過程,而口語話題備考是一個口語吸收、轉化然后輸出的過程。為了讓大家更好的備考雅思口語,今天小編為大家帶來了雅思口語Part 2話題解析——通過互聯網解決問題,希望考生們能在這個話題學習中有所受益。












            說起雅思口語,繞不開的一個核心就是 paraphrase——改述。在評分標準中我們可以發現改述這項要求覆蓋了從 4 分 -8 分的整個區間,對于改述分別提出了不同難度的要求。由于改述的使用涉及到了聽說讀寫四項,很多考生都不能很好的運用改述。因此今天小編就為大家分享一些關于雅思口語改述的技巧,希望對考生們備考有所幫助。









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